Seeking Guidance
Public Libraries
I am in the 9th semester of architecture.My thesis topic is a Public Library. I would appreciate if you ll could suggest libraries that i can visit for case study in India.
Sneha Srinivasan
Public Libraries
hi sneha,
this is a nice topic bt i think u should be specific before u doing this i mean specific for the type of public library,anyways my suggestion is u will study the PARLIAMENT LIBRARY first,then BRITISH COUNCIL LIBRARY and i think u must study some outside indian context library gud one is PHILIPS EXETER LIBRARY, NEW HAMPSHIRE
DEsign by Ar. louis khan....
hope u do well in this.
best of luck!!
Sourab Daroch
Public Libraries
Dear Sourab,

Thank you so much for your immediate response and i am really glad you liked this topic. I have always been disappointed with the libraries in India at several levels and i hope i am able to design my ideal this way.I am still deciding the specifics for what kind of a library i want to design.I will definitely look into these buildings you suggested.
Thank you once again, I will keep you posted about my progress.
Sneha Srinivasan


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