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Children's Library and Museum
Hi I'm Karla, a fifth year architecture student from the Philippines. I'm working on my thesis about a children's library and museum located in a cultural complex(CCP Complex).

I am trying to create an avenue for fun and learning with considerations to cultural education. Can you give suggestions on how I can make this facility more interesting apart from being just a museum and library? By the way,I'm planning to make the museums an interactive one since children are more fund of creative presentations.

I'm also planning to include a cultural park supporting the facility so as to create a feel of the environment. This idea was inspired from the Millenium park in Chicago.

Hoping for your suggestions. Thanks in advance! :)
Karla Lardizabal
Children's Library and Museum
just a question?
what do u think in terms of environment that that children should get in their young age?
should not they be rather allowed to spend their childhood with nature and their parents rather than inviting them to somesort of library or museum buildings where they start living in competition with one another.
Meehaj Thakkar
Children's Library and Museum
great topic..combination of informal designing,shape in both interior and exterior. the main designing part interior part.
first you categorize your age group and place your activities.child will be more happy in practical rather than only vision. like space trip portion in museum you have to create an space with practical arrangement. all the interiors can be recognize as a thesis have to create a space with child size,mentality and anthropometry.
Mehebub Alam
Children's Library and Museum
I read this just now, my apologies. Thank you for your inputs! :)

Meehaj Thakkar: Yes you are right that children need to spend more time with the family and the environment and this is one of the place they could go to. The project is not the typical library and museum with the gloomy atmosphere. Instead, it is a venue where family relationships can be strengthened and fostered through activities and the facility itself. This is how I envisioned this building to be. :)

Mehebub Alam: Thank you for your response! I had that same line of thinking, thank you for the affirmation. This is crucial however since as you said, children tend to be for visual so the interior and exterior plays a significant role especially with its visual/aesthetic value. Thank you again! :D
Karla Lardizabal


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