Architectural Education
Public park and Mosque
I am currently designing a mosque in Sydney, Australia (based on a hypothetical brief).

The proposed mosque will be inter-weaved with a public park which allows access to both Muslims and non-Muslims in and out of the site. The aim of the project is to dwell on the notion of transparency, redefining religious boundary and redefining the manifestation of Mosque architecture within a secular, contemporary and urban context. Subsequently creating a peaceful platform for a greater assimilation (of Islam in the West) to occur.

What are your opinions on this?
Lionel Teh
Public park and Mosque
any religious PLACE has sacred SPACE and always needs to be properly INCORPORATED in the scheme of your best to JUSTIFY.
Dushyant Nathwani
Public park and Mosque
Mosque Define by its Ritual (has to perform Pray five time with Adhaan). Not by the Symbols. Now its your task how you going to blend into the Space.
Furqan Khatri
Public park and Mosque
Thanks guys for your responses.
Yes I will definitely do my best. I hope that this project will one way or another contribute to the building OF peace of Islam in the West.
Lionel Teh
Public park and Mosque
thank you lionel for your invitation to share opinion on this very challenging task indeed. the mousque as a building since the prophet mohamed peace be upon him times till our present day keep adjust to souroundings cultural and social needs, and a mousque in western location naturally to adapt to values and norms that suit the western world but without contradicting to islam teaching. i think the brief is good and potential for an inspiring design may come an addition to western mouques and islamic centers
Ahmed Aljowder


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