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Personality of Le Corbusier
hi everyone, i had been searching for Le Corbusier personality for my assement but i couldnt find any information could you please help me thankyou.
Gamze Gul
Personality of Le Corbusier
Gamze, I think you will find this is a delicate subject (like trying to walk on eggshells) because Le Corbusier (not his orginal name) who I believe was born in Switzerland; lived and worked for most of his life in France and therefore I assume French was his native language.

I say delicate subject, because the French do not take kindly to having any aspect of their (automatically superior) language and culture examined by anyone who is non-French.

Therefore, I would advise you read his own words such as his book "Le Modular" and form your own conclusions as to his personality and character.
Frank John Snelling


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