childern estate
hi im final year student and im doing my thesis on children estate in Karachi where i want to provide free and healthy learning environment through fun interactive space for physically and mental development or healthy if you have any ideas,questions or research about this topic,do share with me thank you. .
Khadija Sarwat
childern estate
i think children love water and sand.if you put a toy and a glass of water next together children almost choose the water!its so interesting.isnt it?!you can use from both of them.water and sand.
Amir Haddai
childern estate
Children's mind are stimulated greatly by visual and audio information. during the early years of a child's life much is learnt through the things they see and hear. In such a scheme, the effect of each 'place' created must be purpose-designed with exactly the right effects created. The use of light and colours will form an important part of such a scheme. Music and other audio-based info can also be integrated into such a scheme. For optimum results, the effects of no space should be tentative or left to chance: each space should be purposely design to have a specific effect on the child during different periods of his/her development since children are very sensitive during their formative years
Augustine Owusu-Ansah
childern estate
i have interesting idea, its not new but was developed many years ago... its fun to go this approach
you can call it ( design with children - not as we used to design for children )
the idea is put the program of the space you are going to design, and visit one of the schools or child centers to make workshop with children...
explain the idea to the children, and propose to the children to start draw what they think and immagine
then you take the results and back home try to analyse the results... you may fine some thing common between the children and things might be repated many time among the children like accessibilty, appraoch, the building materials, lines ....etc
try to build on that, and take these result as starting point for your concept and design

this is interesting and fun, can be improved to get more valuable results..
good luck
Tayseer Mushtaha
childern estate
good topic..
But don't you think the child needs to grow-up....!..?
If we provide something which is completely according to the taste/need/aspirations of the kid simply because the design is for them......dont you think we are missing some point of "sight"...?
Well of course the learning environment should be conducive to the behavioral characteristics of the kids.....but at the same time it needs to be according to what is intent of that environment...
If it is a school then, the teacher knows more about education than the kid can ever imagine. So the design of this school should be as much according to the teachers/parents as much according the kid ...
So everybody's got a say...
Its not that a school designed for the children should only consider the aspects related to the children....but also consider those related to the caretakers, parents, teachers, and so on.
Rakesh Kumar
childern estate
thank you all of you so much for a great and really a helpful responce. .keep sharing more ideas with me. .
im also making a questionere for parents regarding children if you have any question which i should add in my questionere then please share. .
and also i want to know that is it necessary that internationally described psychology of children represent all children or i should learn the psychology of Karachi's children?
[@ Mr Tayseer
how r you i want to ask that whose quotation it was and where did you learn from any news paper,book etc? just for a reference. .]
Khadija Sarwat
childern estate
@ Mr Rakesh
how r you. . . ? the sight word is little bit confusing for me can you please explain more your question. . ?
thank you
Khadija Sarwat
childern estate
@ Mr Tayseer
[you may fine some thing common between the children and things might be repated many time among the children like accessibilty, appraoch, the building materials, lines ....etc].
can you please describe more these lines with any example and what kind of activity i should provide in workshop. .
Khadija Sarwat
childern estate
hi khadija
ya dis is a nice topic.n i have some suggestions regarding ur topic
1. plz mst specify the age group because the requirement will change, change with the age group.
2. in architecture each educational building have healthy learning space, so be specific for that.
3. n i thk that wt is the need is more important for that wt u will do is more imp..?
use hardcore architecture which dipict the function for childern estate.
so bst of luck...
Sourab Daroch
childern estate
hi thank you Sourab
what is hardcore architecture please explain. . . .
Khadija Sarwat
childern estate
hi khadija,
i mean that the function which you think or the functions is in your mind will follow the form, i mean the form should be depict ur thought by not out of the architecture...
i has to be relate the functions means the form of the building tells the story of which is in ur mind...
the architecture building speaks itself abt its functions..
FALLING WATER HOUSE done by Ar. Frank Lloyd Wright.
Paradise Park Children's Centre, London, DSDHA.
Sourab Daroch
childern estate
hello khadija,
i thing this is a little difficult and debatable toipc.actually its very difficult to satisfy your jury that your design give all the amenities and and hospitable environmentsto the children though i am giving you some tips hope it will helpfull for you----
1)first you categorize children's age group and placeyour amenities and recreation part. you can bring diff agegroup with alternative timing for using the area.
2)making interesting design or informal design as well as your building form.formal design or shape cant go with children mentality.
3)please restrict your building height with proportionate as per children usage..
4)you can create grand space or increase height in your museum type amenities.
5)categorize your active and passive passive area you can provide diff type of class rooms, practical rooms,clay modelling, colour house etc.
and you can provide all types of children play areas in active category.
there aso you have to give demarcation of noise, seminoise and quite zone so all children can do their respective learning activities and play alongside.
6)children are very much impatient so you have to place your activities such a way that children can go wherever and whenever. dont restrict them in a particular activities.
7)you can use redburn theory where the facilities are place along the central spine. so a child can feel or see the activities with his movement through a interesting corridor or pathway with informal childfriendly environment. or you can create a central space sarrounding with activities areas so child can visualize it and experperience the learning environment.
Mehebub Alam
childern estate
ohhh the main thing--------
every parents want the security of his children so restriction of outsider and security in inside have to be fully judged. not only human beings the flooring(may be pvc flooring), wall cladding etc all have to be suitable for children.
all things have to be child size( from hand rail to table ).it can be include your innovation also.
may be interior takes many sheets :)
Mehebub Alam


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