Design Against the elements.
hi.. i m doing architecture from final year
and want to work on design against the elements..
its a global design competition...
the competition main criteria is to find a solution to the problems and threats presented by disasters caused by climatic change...
can anybody interested to share ideas about it...plzz text on it...

Hera Siddiqui
Design Against the elements.
Hera yaar wohi sawal kero gi kia iss mai or explain kero thora
Khadija Sarwat
Design Against the elements.
Hera, If and when "Climate Change" occurs, then the most usual solution will be underground cities built high above the present sea level, because not only will the seas rise several hundred feet, in addition the Sun will be so hot as to be unbearable.

The above is the Doomsday scenario which we humans will have to survive and architecture as we know it will cease to exist.
Frank John Snelling
Design Against the elements.
i really dont think that in sch a short notice v can create undergroung cities but may b a few... u must b in harmony wid nature n try n accomodate our design wid that humiity nly..
Ishani Jamwal
Design Against the elements.
Ishani, Humanity stopped being "in harmony with nature" when fossil-fuels replaced human and animal power.

The only option left is to minimise the worst effects of humanity trashing its own environment.
Frank John Snelling


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