phenomenology of water
Dear All,

I'm in my final year and am doing a research on phenomenology of water: sensitive and healing environment for the airport. The purpose of this study is to explore the phenomenological properties of water and the associated affects in creating a retreat space with beneficial atmospheric qualities within the built environment with particular in application to the design of airports. This proposition intends to examine the physical and psychological responses of users in particular the traveler within an airport environment. The proposed research topic will be supported by selected case studies of current issues on airport design.

I had selected Changi Airport as my case studies to compare with Heathrow Airport. But I'm facing difficulties to get information. I would like to seek some advice from fellow architects and architectural student to comment on my research and give me some suggestion if possible.

Heaps of thanks for the feedback! :)
Amilin Mohd Aripin
phenomenology of water
v.imp.aspect in any of authorities shall be difficult....your effort shall be worth a lot.....pls.go ahead.
Dushyant Nathwani


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