Sustainable Design
Once a building is erected there is a very less possibility that it will remain with the same original defined function or the appearance while the external social, cultural and economical factors are changing. Therefore the context changes and the building itself will under go refurbishments or renovations as per the next and the next requirement which change with time, and user requirements.

It would be really necessary to consider the refurbishments or the renovations of the old while seeking possibilities and methods to get the maximum from old to interpret as the new.

So what are the proper steps and concerns in general in approaching such projects?
Tharanga Suresh Edirisooriya Arachchige
Tharanga, You could try reading (or watching the video of) Stewart Brand`s book "How Buildings Learn".

His approach is not surprisingly geared to American buildings as he is American, but it echoes my own yet to be published work of "The infinite systems and principles of aesthetics" which is part of my trilogy upon logic, culture and aesthetics.
Frank John Snelling


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