Historic Preservation
Hassan Fathy
In January and June 2010 we visited New Gourna. The house of Hassan Fathy is falling down, the coupoles of the center are all crashed, the walls are attacked by the acid humidity of the ground, one house, the house of Ahmed Abdekl Rady Hassan is renovated in a very unprofessional way (with the aid of the UNESCO?). If nothing happens,New Gourna will die. Norbert C. Novotny
Norbert Clemens Novotny
Hassan Fathy
Norbert, thanks for your efforts to inform the community of the situation in New Gourna Village, Egypt.

The organization Save the Heritage of Hassan Fathy has been raising awareness about New Gourna and building a movement to protect the village. Also, this year UNESCO launched a two-year, US $1 million effort to safeguard New Gourna.

Hopefully other ArchNet members have also been to the site and can share their experiences so that we can get a sense of just how bad the situation is, what is being done by UNESCO and others, and what more can be done.

For a general historical and architectural overview of New Gourna Village, see the ArchNet entry. For perspectives on the current situation, see here, here, and here.

ArchNet Editor
Hassan Fathy
In addition to the articles mentioned by the editor, you can view my practice's report on New Gourna here; Cheers
Yahia Shawkat
Hassan Fathy
The latest news from New Gourna are, that another part of the buildings (see the picture 2 months ago, when somthing could have been done) has broken down, the Foundation is holding conferences, the Million Dollars of the UNESCO is disappearing in the deep fountains of Egypt, the urgent technical actions (stabilization of the ground and the buildings) have not been taken. The rest of New Gourna will break down, while we are discussing what to do.I hear the laughters of Ramses II looking down from his granite statue on his helpless successers.
Norbert Clemens Novotny
Hassan Fathy
Has UNESCO provided fund for restoration and if so, what its comment on the matter?
Fahar Hayati


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