Integrating Past and Present
Walking through the streets of Karachi, one is both amazed and appalled at the sights. From the beautiful old buildings crumbling away to ugly concrete structures that are replacing them, Karachi is now in an estranged time zone. It has a grand architectural history but now influenced by alien cultures. The new buildings which are constructed, seldom have any character or architectural merit- thus depriving the historic areas from an appearance of continuing evolution.

In my final year thesis, an attempt will be made to review the historical significance of Karachi’s architecture that has faded over the years. Not as a way in which to impose new forms and expressions onto existing structures, but as a technique used to add to the continual evolution of a building.

Can anyone please guide me as to how YOU are perceiving this abstract? Do you think it is a bit too critical?

Also please help me with a solid historical evolution link of Karachi's architecture.

Maliha R
Maliha Rohail
Integrating Past and Present
you need to be Clear about your context behind the word ALIEN Culture and Continual evolution through the Past. At the moment you looking from the Physical context, you need to analyze Why & How this thing happen through non Physical forces.
For Historical evolution you can take Civil Hospital / Dow medical, you will find the building development in Largest span of time.
Furqan Khatri


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