passive architecture& cooling systems
Dear all I am asst. professor in civil engineering STB College of Engineering I am post graduate in environmental engineering I am doing my research work in green buliding & passive architecture I have visited CII-GODREJ building Hyderabad ,CONFERENCES ,SEMINARS about this concepts and collected information from all over the world from web ,I am interested in minimising use of resources such as elecrtricity ,water ,applying our traditional knowedge of building design from historic buildings, take help of computer technology for sensing & controling various atmosheric parameters etc . I request u to all pl. share ur knowledge & experiences MY MAIL ID IS PAHH @ REDIFFMAIL.COM
CELL NO.09822329193 I want to visit torrent research center but I tried to reach mail address from the web but the message delivery failed please help in this matter Prof. Pradeep hangargrkar
Pradeep Hangargekar
passive architecture& cooling systems
Dear Prof.,

CII building, Hyderabad is one of the pioneers of Green Buildings in India. In fact, it was retrofitted extensively to achieve those green points. There is enormous research out there being done in different aspects of Energy efficient buildings in the field of Architecture, Civil, Mechanical engineering disciplines.

So I think, you may want to choose a specific field in which you want to carry your research in. Some present hot topics in this fields are

1. Desiccant dehumidification and evaporative cooling systems. (I am doing my present MSc dissertation on it)

2. Introduction of Phase change materials in Building elements like walls, slabs, furniture etc.

3. Hybrid ventilation systems in combination with Ground Source Heat Pumps

4. Double skin facades

These are some of which I can immediately think of. I hardly come accross any research done by institutions like BMTPC on these issues though.

In fact, traditional materials, and wisdom can no more able to stand the wrath of High-tech systems and Urban Living. So all the farce out there is to find new solutions to new problems.
Sriraj Gokarakonda
passive architecture& cooling systems
Sriraj, "Double Skin Facades" sounds interesting and similar to some of my own ideas, so do tell me more please.
Frank John Snelling
passive architecture& cooling systems
Hi Frank,

I have read about double skin facades ranging from a distance of 100mm to over 500mm. Most of them are glass/metal facades on atleast one side and depending on the purpose, the air space in between is ventilated or non-ventilated. Mostly it is used for insulation purpose.

The building in which I work now, CSET in the University of Nottingham, Ningbo, China, has a double skin facade with a gap of around 400-500mm and its ventilated. It is used as an additional insulation and also for passive ventilation. (windows of the building open into this gap-space between the facades). I will upload some pics later.
Sriraj Gokarakonda
passive architecture& cooling systems
Pratik Bhave
passive architecture& cooling systems
Hi pratik,

you can look at the work of Ar.Ahok lall, Dr. Vinod Gupta, Ar. Sanjay Prakash, Abhikram Architects, Ar. B.V.Doshi, Ar.Karan Grover, Laurie Baker etc. All of them have been doing a good job of balancing traditional wisdom with modern demands.

What you can do is to take references from their work, the techniques, systems, forms etc and can use your own imagination to form your thesis. Go through Hasan Fathy's works, get some basic knowledge on heat transfer in buildings.

But, remember don't get carried away with just the physics, because its architectural thesis, and the jury wants to see plans, sections, elevations and details. They may not be very interested to see your shading device/ventilation system unless you present it to them in an innovative way. Ironically most of the jury find these things boring.

So do a little literature review, go through works of people, but don't get too much involved in calculations of heat and moisture transfer etc, you can use simple software like ecotect to that for you, and many architectural software now a days come with very good sun path and shading representation. That should be enough.

All the best...
Sriraj Gokarakonda
passive architecture& cooling systems

I am a recent graduate of B.Architecture and now i am planning ahead for masters in subjects like Sustainable Architecture/ Environmental designs. I wanted to know the scope of these subjects and if it is a right time to start maters when i dont have much work experience in my hand?

Waiting for response ..
Sabeen Asif
passive architecture& cooling systems
Sriraj, Thank you for the information, although a gap of 400-500mm seems rather large, so maybe the building is large as well?

Furthermore, what sort of structure is used to hold up the outside membrane?

As for ventilated / non-ventilated options for the space between, I assume a ventilated space is used for reducing the transfer of outside heat to the inside, whereas a non-ventilated space reduces heat loss from the inside. So in places with climatic extremes between seasons or even between day and night, then there should be vents which close as needed?

Ahh! The "Trombe Wall" has been floating about on the edge of my consciousness as I write this and I have just remembered the name. :)
Frank John Snelling
passive architecture& cooling systems

I thank you all for initiating and participating in such an informative discussion.
I am a fifth year student of B.Arch, and my thesis is due next semester. I am earnestly looking forward to taking up "Affordable Housing" or low cost architecture as my thesis topic.
I belong to a village where there is deprivation all around. So this humane architecture attracts me, and I want to work in this field in future also.
Please advise me where to start with...?
Rakesh Kumar
passive architecture& cooling systems
Dear all
Our country india or if we cosider all developing countries we engineers architects play a very important role in designing structuers while doing this why we can't consider that energy is the most crucial factor in opration of buildings & forms why our strctures should not take care of themselve regardig their energy needs which is most precious and scare resource on earth .We have to find out ways to create energy in the building itself to fulfill its needs for energy today we have ample resources , technologies knowledge communucation medium in our hand in olden times they have very few of them were availble even though they have done miracles , why cant we advent miore in this modern world, I think we have to rethink about the total design procedure that we follow for building design and costruction. Its time for revival and change our processes are not giving the desired output so how long we should carry forward the same knowledge even while teaching to students we feel that we are delivering the same knowledge again and again to new genration which dosenot support this they want saome advanced techniques new concepts they have some different requirements .I think honestly that we all as one cummunity should think about this otherwise we are deceiving to our next genration pl. contribut ur views Prof. Pradeep A. Hangargekar
Pradeep Hangargekar
passive architecture& cooling systems
Hello all,
I'm a student of B.Arch in 4th year,It's good to hear that , U want to bring a change in teaching system,and want to introduce new technology into existing syllabus,As a student i'm very much interested in sustainable architecture but it's very difficult to bring it to use in college curriculam as no such specific details are easily available if u want to use sustainable techniques in ur design,etc, I'm having low-cost housing as our design problem in this semester,i want to take sustainability as my concept but due to lack of information it's difficult to apply it in design.
Dishan Soni
passive architecture& cooling systems
Hello, Rakesh kumar
I'm a B.arch (4th year) student,i too hav low-cost mass housing as my design problem,It would b Great if u can provide some tips to me regarding this topic as u r doing a thesis on it.
Dishan Soni


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