oldage homes
my current project at college is desiging an oldage home.I would like to know any references.and also what things are to be considered beyond the obvious.
Dhara Shah
oldage homes
Dhara, the issue to consider "beyond the obvious" is that elderly people are more comfortable in spaces that accord to what you would call old-fashioned design simply because elderly people are more familiar with such spaces.

This might seem like an obvious issue, but most if not all people view their environment and how they would redesign that environment from their own viewpoint which includes their age.
Frank John Snelling
oldage homes
ya i completely agree to wat u said.we visited an oldage home and spoke to the people there.
what i gather is that ,mainly old people have already developed habits and their way of living in the years that have passed. so the spaces should offer them freedom to personalize them and make them a part of their character.what elements could contribute to help achieve this in the design?also because when we design it has to genralized.
what could be the possible spaces that could be designed so that it generates activites which dont make them feel useless and dependent?
Dhara Shah


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