Interior Design
Islamic Interior Design elements
Please i need a help for research about Islamic Interior Design Elements
( Finishing of Ceilings , Walls & Floors)

-What are the materials used to perform ?
Sharm Nouu
Islamic Interior Design elements
Sharm, in Islamic Architecture/Design, as is in-ISLAM we MUST always refer back to the original two (2) authenticated sources of Islam, the (1) Qur'an and (2) Sunnah (hadith). When we have this, we can go on and look at later developments in Islamic culture and technologies + materials and their applications. It depends on the area, the use, the building type so much. You msut udnerstand firstly what does the word Islamic 'really' mean. It is not a term that can be used lightly. All buildiugs must be designed in accordance with sharia'h to be termed Islamic. I can guide you along the way but you msut be Muslim first. Ibrahim Siddiq-Conlon Islamic Architecture, Austrlaia
Ibrahim Siddiq-Conlon
Islamic Interior Design elements
sharm, i agree with Mr. Ibrahim on the point that you need to take the Quran and Sunnah as refrences. But i do not agree wen he sez that u have to be a muslim first. You just need to have the real interest in doing a lil in-depth study about the principles of Islam...the willingness to learn is enough and u neednt be a muslim to do that. And as he sez 'Islamic' is not smth u can take lightly, because it deals with religion...and its not like just any style of architecture like how u say art nouve style or art deco style, but instead if u want do justic to the topic at hand, u need to be really dedicated to it.
Im not trying to scare u away, just telling you the pros and cons, so that in the end u dont regret anything.
Can i knw if this study is part of academics or is it sm study u required during any project you are working on?

All the best!
Mubeena Abdul Majeed
Islamic Interior Design elements
As a convert and designer, there are elements not understood by Nonmuslims of Islamic Interior Design. Such as the separation of Men and Women Livingrooms for entertaining, a place for shoes as guests and family entering the home, proper washing and praying spaces. All these elements of a Muslim's life are unclear to a new or Nonmuslim. And I must agree that a Muslim is best to assist in Designing for Muslims.
There are beautiful elements that a designer can used such as decorative elements that will give the Islamic look to a room, but without knowledge of the culture you will be at a disadvantage.
Valerie Lyman


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