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liquid urban spaces
I'm doing my bachelor thesis on how the process of designing urban spaces can be made a dynamic process. How can I use real-time data and then manipulate or modify the space constantly according to the information it provides me? what can be the systems for providing this real time data besides sensors and GIS? I'm doing this with a futuristic approach so that something like this might be possible in the next 50 or so years. The urban space will then become liquid as it will constantly be changed and adapted according to user needs. These adaptations will be achieved through technology oriented solutions and virtual reality. Also, I would like that the spaces be interactive and responsive so that the users themselves can also contribute to the design process and change the space.
I'm not sure what kind of urban space to focus on. Also, I would like to make it a modular solution and not site specific so that a common formula can be derived and then the variables added to give the solution for any site.
I'm confused however on how to proceed with this:S
please comment and suggest some case studies if possible.
Hafia Javed
liquid urban spaces
how will property values behave in "liquid urban spaces"?
Jofer Magsi


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