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Mosquitoes and Architecture
Dear All
How to stop Mosquitoes through architectural Design, without stooping Natural Wind.
Furqan Khatri
Mosquitoes and Architecture
Hi Furqan,

If you are talking about a typical dwelling unit, or small building with cross ventilation through doors and windows-then double doors and windows with one made of glass and the other one with Chicken mesh, Polymer mesh etc., is a common solution. However, it impacts wind movement to significant extent, as I observed.
Sriraj Gokarakonda
Mosquitoes and Architecture
avoid any stagnant water at or near th building to prevent anopheles (tranfering maleria)from breeding.
That is why buildings in the tropics should not have roof gutters, as there is usually some stagnant water.
And there are the good old fly screens, but they must be really tight.
Norbert E. Wilhelm
Mosquitoes and Architecture
hi farhan,
just make sure there is ample amount of sunlight light and spaces are not dingy with dark corners.
hope u find it useful
Shraddha Patel


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