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I am currently a third year undergraduate student in architecture. I am looking for help in critical regionalism. My comparisons are Luis kahn and luis Barragan. I need examples of relevant houses/buildings of both to discuss how their designs were influenced by critical regionalism. Please your help will be appreciated
Dubois Selebogo
Theory of Architecture
Hi Dubois Selebogo,

I am unaware of the latter, but fond of the works of the former. Louis Khan popularly called L.I.K here in India. Of course there are a number of books published about his works, apart from his works in the US, the most acclaimed ones in the South Asia are his Jatiyo Sangshad Bhaban (National Assembly Building of Bangladesh) and Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad.

It would also be useful to watch the documentary titled "My Architect-A Son's Journey" by Nathaniel Kahn.
Sriraj Gokarakonda
Theory of Architecture
Dear Dubois Selebogo,
If the philosophies of Kahn are zoomed down on, he was a propogator of the International style for a major period of his careers.he was a great architect with his respective style to add on to his basics but if u are looking for critical regionalist architects, he may not be the best option...Barragan in chronological order followed the Mediterranean style,the international style & contextualism.The examples to his credit could be Casa Cristo & Gonzales Luna both cases he amalgamated landscape with architecture
architects known specially for their contextualism to name a few were:
1.)Tadao Ando - Japan
2.)Alvar Alto - Finland
3.)Geoffrey Bawa - Sri Lanka
4.)B.V.Doshi - India
5.)Hassan Fathhy - Egypt
6.)Ken Yeang - Malaysia etc...
hope this could help u..
Apurva Satokar


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