Seeking Guidance
help for thesis topic
hey guys i am thinking of taking thesis topic as market...

the reason for me to choose such a topic is as i look my thesis as a knowledge journey this topic would help me understand the effect the role of architecture in a society or to be specific on a human being in a better way.....
speaking of design it would give me complete freedom to play with the volume of spaces i with massing, zoning of functions, public movement all that we always try to experiment with.

it might sound funny but any other topic giving such a freedom and variety is most welcomed.

since i am unaware of the vastness of my project.....can someone suggest me for my approach to search for a site.........
also please give me some options for case studies.....
Ketki Bhadkamkar
help for thesis topic
Ketki, You will probably find large market places where multiple lines of communication and transportation meet.
Frank John Snelling
help for thesis topic
please specify what kind of market do u intend to study.
do intend to study traditional indian bazars or the modern ones.
i think it would be great if u study the traditional indian bazars and then do an architectural insert in the existing fabric. it would be very challenging. u will find such markets in many cities of india. few important and documented ones are in old delhi, ahmedabad, jaipur,udaipur or any other city which u intend to study
Meehaj Thakkar
help for thesis topic should try and design a market in today's time wherein mall culture is sweeping in ,so you should find the disadvantages of mall and advantages and disadvantages of a market for eg: tulsi baug in Pune, any market outside temple towns are also vibrant.even mandai in pune is a great example of a market which is environmentally friendly and still works efficiently and has a museum on top floor.Ar.B.V.Doshi always mentions this example in his lectures.
Also case study of a mall in calcutta by charles correa would be worth looking at...
Ashlesha Kale
help for thesis topic
thnx meehaj and ashlesha...i do hav the ideas which u guys have suggested of blending the old market tradition into modern fabric n market vs mall issue....had redevelopment of a market in my mind n with more attention towards crawford market...but it being declared as heritage structure would it hamper my design intentions.....any possible references or help plz
Ketki Bhadkamkar


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