Building Technology
sustainable individual house
I am looking for an architect who can help in going for a sustainable house construction, especially in Mr. L. Bakers style of houses.

I would appreciate any kind of lead to such persons / institutions, etc.
Rajpal Rao
sustainable individual house
Hello Mr.Rao
I am Aparna Chintakunta. I am a qualified Architect and interested in discussing with you about the above mentioned project. Could please contact me at or on my mobile number +919769712558.
Aparna Chintakunta
sustainable individual house
@ aparna madam.
In which city do you practice?
do you know any architect in gujarat who who practices on the lines of laurie baker sir. i will be completing my thesis in couple of months and want to work following laurie baker's guidelines.
Meehaj Thakkar
sustainable individual house
yes , i can also justify , you my be in touch with me ,details to contact with my profile ,regards.
Dushyant Nathwani
sustainable individual house
I am currently in Mumbai
are you looking for guidance or training under such architect?
Aparna Chintakunta


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