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Student Rendering Programs
I'm a sophomore at Bowling Green State University and my professors are constantly giving out names of programs to use. However, my laptop has crashed multiple times due to "experimenting" with multiple programs. I was looking for a program in which I can render realisitic images and is consistant enough I can use for multiple projects. Any suggestions?
Zach Eades
Student Rendering Programs
Try using Vray 1.5SP3 for 3Ds Max and Vray is also available for SketchUp, Rhino, Maya, Softimage, Cinema4D and Blender.
Madhusudhan Baral
Student Rendering Programs
HI, Please try new SKETCHUP 7.0 by Google, It is very easy for 3d designs of any kind architectural projects. You can apply material. But its rendering quality is not that much effective like AUTOCad or 3d max.
Vivek Majagaonkar


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