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traditional sustainable architecture
hi all
My elective topic is "Traditional Indian Architecture as Sustainable Architecture".......
So any kind of help regarding the topic PLEASE.....
Zaki Momin
traditional sustainable architecture
Zaki, Traditional architecture is sustainable because it has evolved over thousands of years and for most of this time was built without fossil-fuel powered machines. Therefore, the functional design, techniques and materials used are sustainable.
Frank John Snelling
traditional sustainable architecture
thanks JOHN.......
but i m actually searching for aspests of planning which made the traditional designs sustainable
Zaki Momin
traditional sustainable architecture
Traditional modes of any regional architecture ARE sustainable, especially in the South Asian context.The buildings of our ancestors were made using the highest resource bases available and humans. The materials and human skils available varied from the wherewithal of the user, be it by imperial diktat or the rural village collection of abodes and community activities. You can't go wrong as far as the title of your dissertation goes but enough depth of interpreting and analysis will take you on journeys of exploration to not just confirm your title but prove it to be so,in the spirit of the benefits of indegenous applications, which to date and the forseeable future is the best solution. Let's just get rid of the colonial mindset, which is the bane of our third world devlopment paradigms to ape the format of glass & steel with energy guzzling internal temperature control.
Aali Qayoom
traditional sustainable architecture
I agree with Aali's comment. Very good. This moden concrete glass and steel architecture is an ecomonic and ecologic nonsense in poorer contries.
But many owners want it.
To increase aceptance for traditional solutions, one should add some modern material where absolutely necessary to avoid problems, that could not be solved in the past.
- If one uses cement stabilized mud flooring one has nearly the performance of concrete flooring at much less cost.
- Nailed g.i. strips of normal roofing g.i.sheets could stabilize the wooden framework buildings used in Northern Pakistan against earthquakes.
- We developed an improved traditional school in Afghanistan, where earthquake resistance was achieved with a few reinforced concrete elements and other disadvantages were eliminated by better detailing. It cost clearly less than the magic 10 000 USD per small classroom.

This is all in the sense of what I call Reachable Technology (see my posting at
Norbert E. Wilhelm
traditional sustainable architecture
Salam Zaki Momin,

Any traditional Architecture is Ecological responsible. (I stopped believing in the word sustainable)One thing because they fed limited population and thus have always maintained a balance between the generation of resources and consumption.

You may want see this video on TED by Carolyn Steel

It is an interesting and important phenomenon. Also some old city plans can be studied like that of Old Delhi, Venice, London etc and they can be contrasted with some later developments in those regions. Studying the effect of city planning before and after the advent of Locomotives and Industrialization can be studied.

You can refer to books on Old Delhi by Aneesha Mukharjee, Romi Khosla and others.
Sriraj Gokarakonda
traditional sustainable architecture
Any design which works with the climate and environement must be more sustainable than any design which works against the climate, by this I mean any design which has to use machinery and energy to power the machinery to make the design habitable must be working against the climate.
Frank John Snelling


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