Recommendations for PhD in architecture
Dear friends,
i will graduate in master of architecture soon and plan to do my phd(architecture) in europe.i get scholarship but not allowed to study in uk and ireland(cost issue).i prefer english language program and english language community.what country should i go n which university?
Juliza Amin
Recommendations for PhD in architecture
Try to apply Phd in Germany and find your interest field in Germany University.
Nensi Golda Yuli
Recommendations for PhD in architecture
I am student of Architecture 4th year DCET Pakistan.
I know now a days degrees are more valuable but how about Your interest in THIS WIDE RANGE field, if you want to be a person who is known for his work then try the best, and generate YOUR own philosophy instead of PhD. Thank You
Hope You will never mind.
Raheel Ahmed Unar
Recommendations for PhD in architecture
Raheel, You make an interesting point, but having the distinction of a PhD would help someone with a philosophy to disseminate their viewpoint.

I have my own aesthetic philosophy (similar to that of Kandinsky) which would enrich any viewpoint provided the viewpoint is flexible enough, but I had to choose between writing down my thoughts or trying to get onto a PhD programme and I chose to write, because the ideas were exploding and connecting daily in my mind and could not wait. Then I wanted to publish my thoughts and go on to do a PhD, but as a first-time author most of the publishing houses were not interested. [One publishing house in India was interested, but as I live in England was concerned about the distance.]
Frank John Snelling
Recommendations for PhD in architecture
you can try ETH Zurich (switzerland) and Polytechnico di milano (Italy)...
Shama Anbrine
Recommendations for PhD in architecture
....because of "cost issue" you might chose Portugal, very interesting architectonic landscape.

....because of "english language program", well, then Portugal is not the right place.

So, ask for a grant and go to England (or Ireland).
Ben Huser
Recommendations for PhD in architecture
Mmmm, I would love a UK grant, but I fell over at the first hurdle, because I was not associated or affiliated with a university, so maybe I should have asked for an academic reference from my university before I left?

I used to think academia respected intelligence (even when outside the university), but it would seem that intelligence and ability is only acknowledged of and by those already established within universities.
Frank John Snelling
Recommendations for PhD in architecture
Why don't you try the university am currently in now. Universiti Teknology Malaysia. Postgraduate courses are taught in english, you will find lots of international students especially from the middle east, I can guarantee you will get world class education, Lecturers and Malaysian citizens are also very friendly. I fell into the same problem with finances thats why I later chose Malaysia.
Ismaeel Audu


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