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Geoffrey BAWA's tropical architecture
I Ar. Ravindra Chavan, research fellow have started working on Geoffrey BAWA's tropical architecture. For this purpose visiting building designed by him at Shrilanka. If you have more information regarding this topic, convey me.
Ravindra Chavan
Geoffrey BAWA's tropical architecture
Ravindra, I assume you have already read "Geoffrey Bawa: Sri Lanka" by Taylor and published by Mimar?

I bought a copy of this book some years ago when Mimar was selling off its stock of books before closing down and I was very sorry to see Mimar stop publication of its wonderful journal.
Frank John Snelling
Geoffrey BAWA's tropical architecture
I am an architecture student with tropical architecture playing an important part of my thesis topic.I wanted some information on Geoffrey Bawa's works and if you have some case studies, I will be extremely grateful to you if you could share them with me.
JeanPierre LeongLone
Geoffrey BAWA's tropical architecture
JeanPierre, Currently, my personal reference library of about 1,400 works sits in a number of cardboard boxes waiting for me to buy book cases.
Frank John Snelling


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