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LEED in India-A Critical Analysis
I am working on a critical study of LEED India V.1.0 as published by IGBC. The critical study looks at the relevance of the standards that has been put out in the public domain by IGBC. The analysis includes some exploration on the workings and operational processes involved that were undertaken to publish these standards.
The analysis will be followed up with a second study on its applicabilty in India. This second step study will explore how the building industry is geared or have responded to the LEED standards.
I can give more information about this study and my background.
I am here on this website to explore the avenues through, which I could publish this paper. I do not know of Indian organization that would be keen to publish such a study considering it is not a favorable report on LEED-India.
I would appreicate some feedback and ideas on how I can have this published.
Somshankar Bose
Somshankar Bose
LEED in India-A Critical Analysis
I read your article on

On searching for more information, I found this post of yours. It might be a good idea to send it to magazines rather than journals. Firstly, the acceptance rate and publishing speed of a journal is very slow. A paper goes through many levels of verification (a year or more) and editing before being officially published. A magazine can publish it in the next month!

Best of luck!
Pushkin Passey


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