Building Technology
Thesis: Adobe architecture
My name is Huma Qureshi. I am working on my thesis project "House Design for Thar" (desert region of Pakistan).

Please share the information specially regarding structure the roof and walls. I will be thankful to all contributers.
Huma Qureshi
Thesis: Adobe architecture
Hi Huma!

Lots of reserach institutions have developed full fledged construction techniques based on adobe materials. Consistency of the mixes are well specified and the equipments developed. Some private enterpreneurs throughout the world have done wonderful works with adobe including Hassan Fathy in egypt and Laurie Baker in India. I can give you some web URL's of Indian institutions:

Browse through the websites and you will get some materials of your use, I hope. Moreover, Laurie has written a book on adobe construction, you can contact the following address to avail the book:

Joint Director, COSTFORD
Neerazhi Lane, Ulloor Junction
Trivandrum, Kerala, India

P Das


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