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Oil is not renewable!!
Well we all know OIL as a depleting natural resource is not one of the renewable ones. While watching a documentary on oil and its history, it came to my mind: Oil is a natural product which is basically a composition of chemicals and minerals. Basically a composition of various hydrocarbons of varying molecular weights which is cooked under the surface of earth for years. Now the question is if we know the way oil is made rather the composition of petroleum and how it is directly bonded to oil then could we not reverse the process? Could we not use hydrocarbons and fusion or fission or what ever method it takes to produce petroleum instead of searching for more OIL rigs or pumping in trillions on war to control oil and its sources or for that matter disturb the ecological balance to extract oil at certain areas? Any comments. This is a question which is in certain ways related to Architecture and is more related to physics or geology, but any comments on this are welcome.
Prithwiraj Ghosh Roy
Oil is not renewable!!
Prithwiraj, I would imagine that the formulae, etc needed to create petrol, benzene, parafin, kerosene, etc are already known, but will not be pulled out of the hat until natural oil resources are all used up.
Frank John Snelling


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