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Glass block - typical wall details
I am a new member and am looking for assistance for my final term paper. I am a student studying Architecture in Ottawa, Canada. My project is to draft a wall detail of Maison Hermes in Japan, by Renzo Piano. The building is constructed of steel frame and glass blocks! The problem is I cannot find any information on the wall construction of Maison Hermes OR steel frame and glass block walls in general.
Any information or guidance to help point me in the right direction
would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you for your time and assistance.
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Glass block - typical wall details
1. Glass construction Three layers of heat strengthened glass laminated together using two layers of polyvinyl butyrate, as supplied by Eckelt Glas or equivalent. Second layer of polyvinyl butyrate laminate to be provided as a white/clear interlayer.

2. Glass thickness To be determined according to design loading parameters by glass supplier given specified glass spans.

3. Percentage Frit Top surface of uppermost sheet to have Eckelt Litefloor ceramic anti-slip frit in standard pattern or equivalent.

4. Colour of Frit standard grey EW/3W or to architect or designers choice from range

5. Slip resistance Anti-slip treatment to top surface to provide minimum SRV (slip resistance value) of 110 in dry conditions and a minimum SRV of 60 in wet conditions in accordance with BS 8204 Part 3:1993 Section C. The wear-resistance of the coating complies with Report number 23073 of the "Austrian Lacquer Institute" in Vienna relating to equivalent wear-resistance of a trade standard floor tile.

6. Design Loading Glass Floor to be designed to take loading in accordance with Table 7 of BS 6399 Part 1. 1984 or to designers specified requirements

7. Sealant Seals between panels to be constructed using two-part polysulphide sealant in standard colour

8. Support Glass to be supported on two or four sides by steelwork designed to deflect no more than L/500 under the specified loading.
Minimum edge support for glass panels to be 20mm-30mm.

9. Bedding strip Bedding strip between glass and supporting steelwork to be 60 shore hardness continuous silicone strip in translucent, white or black colour. Minimum bedding thickness: 6mm.

10. Steelwork Typical perimeter steelwork is a 50 x 50 x 5 steel angle. Typical support steelwork between panels are structural tee sections or R.H.S. size subject to load and design parameters.
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