Historic Preservation
thesis on abandoned village, UAE
my name is Goran Johansen from Norway.
i am starting my thesis in February. and i will work with an abandoned village outside Ras Al Khaimah, united arab emirates. this is a small village consisting of 400-500 buildings in total. it has been abandoned for more than 35 years now, and is slowly falling apart.
the unique thing about this village is amongst others that it is partly built up with coral reef-stone. i will be working closely with local archaeologists to try and figure out what should be done.
i was hoping anyone has some knowledge of this village, or similar villages or houses built with coral reef-stone.
restoration is one thing, but trying to regenerate these spaces for living and being active again is more of a challenge.
Goran Johansen
thesis on abandoned village, UAE
hi goran. seems like a great topic.
sorry i dont have any information on this. but whenever you find information on this plz discuss it in archnet library.i and other members would definately like to know about this. :)
Meehaj Thakkar


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