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Green Building
Hi all.
Can anyone provides examples of green building that worth study about? May it be a ancient building, traditional or contemporary. Thanks.
J Lim
Green Building
You can check out Sohrabjee Green Business Centre in Hydrebad if you are specifically looking for a LEED designed green building.
Again in my opinion whichever building you feel has a less impact on the environment in terms of materials, usage etc etc can be put under the category of green. So try your studies in those lines.
Zakkiya Hamza
Green Building
hey.. you can go to youtube and search for development alternatives delhi.. it ia a green building in the making.. i hope u get hood information from the video there...
Stuti Vij
Green Building
J Lim, any building which is designed to function within the context of climate, environment and culture, can be called "green".

Although for myself, I would reserve the honorific of "green" to any building which has no or mininal moving parts and is designed both to work within the context of climate, environment and culture; and at best be created from sustainable material sources and at worst be created from exhaustable local material resources.

Contrarywise, building which use such things as mechanical/electrical air-conditioning systems are not "green" because the materials are not sourced locally and there is a constant need for energy supplies and maintenance.

Even if the such a buildng is built within a country with the economic and technological infrastructure necessary to "sustain" the design, it is still not "green" because the infrastructure itself is not "green".

In fact, the issue today is not the making of so-called green buildings, but realising that what pollutes and abuses this planet is the ever-expanding human population (with no limits in sight) which "demands" the right to use up the planet.

When global warming melts the icecaps, the seas will rise to cover most of the major cities in the World and as most of the World`s population lives on or near seas level, most humans will have to move uphill and inland about the new sea levels, so that most of the existing buildings will be under many feet of seawater.

Furthermore, the seas will cover great areas of farming land which is also on or near sea level, so that there will be a drastic (but natural) reduction in human populations.
Frank John Snelling
Green Building
You can check out Torrent Research Centre in Ahemadabad if you are specifically looking for a LEED designed green building.
architect nimish patel had designed the building which is far ahead of the standerds set by IGBC OR LEED .

Santosh Thakur


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