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Pollibrick Building in Flora Expo Taipei 2010
There is a building being built for the Flora Expo in Taipei. It will be done in Mid 2010. The building is made with Polli-bricks. Polli bricks are made from 100% recycled plastic.

The coolest feature is that even the cooling and air ventilation uses sustainable methods. A waterfall will fall from one side which cools the air in the building.

The polli-brick can also be filled with various materials according to the building's needs like cement, sand and so on. For example, filled with air, Polli-brick provides good insulation. I'm going to look further into this and update. Please feel free to ask any questions and I'll find the answers.

Alex Kohl
Pollibrick Building in Flora Expo Taipei 2010
I am very much interested in new innovative materials. polli-brick is really intresting. Is this polli-brick used for the first time or used already in any other project? i mean is it specially developed for this project? what is the impact of this polli-brick on environment? generally plastics are not good for environment because after some time they develop some chemical /gases which poisons the environment around them. Is there no such risk with this? for how many years it is tested?
Chandra Sekhar Mallela
Pollibrick Building in Flora Expo Taipei 2010
This is the first building construction project that uses Polli-brick. Previously, polli-brick has been used for making a christmas tree wall. For the upcoming CES, their company's whole booth will be made out of polli-brick.

For the rest of the more technical questions, I need to ask my friend who works in the polli-brick company Miniwiz.
Alex Kohl
Pollibrick Building in Flora Expo Taipei 2010
Polymer bricks? Very strange, given that plastic is impermeable and would tend to act like the old nylon shirts of the 1960s which were very sweaty.
Frank John Snelling
Pollibrick Building in Flora Expo Taipei 2010
There is a growing body of material you can find online about Poll-Brick. Take a look at Skyscraperpage, Youtube and Treehugger. The best thing will be to see and review the Polli-Brick building in Taipei. From what the on-line pictures and other material show, that should be very soon. Then we can know more about what it feels like to be inside this structure.
Chris Fay


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