Sustainable Design
Zanzibar Wind Farms
Exporting energy (produced locally by wind-power) or importing energy (produced on the mainland by petrol driven engines and then transported by sea bed cable)?

Spending resources in Africa for new- or old fashioned- (and polluting) technologies?
(e.g., the mobile phone is such a success because nobody wants old and heavy equipment)
Ben Huser
Zanzibar Wind Farms
Ben, Before the age of fossil-fuel powered machines, the Industrial Revolution in Britain was powered by wind mills, water mills and then steam engines and factories used wind, water and steam-power to drive a system of belts which then went to and operated a variety of individual machines.

Given the success of the clockwork- powered radio in modern day Africa [the inventor Trevor Bayliss lives two miles to the north of me] :))), there is no reason not to reuse these proven technologies and short-circuit the unnecessary use of both fossil-fuel engines and electricity.
Frank John Snelling
Zanzibar Wind Farms
Frank John,

"...there is no reason not to reuse these proven technologies and shortcircuit the unnecessary use of both fossil-fuel engines and electricity."

exactly, thats the point. Only, right now, a sea-bed cable is layed from Tanga to Pemba for transportation of fuel-engine generated electricity on the mainland.

So, my question is: Why not reverse the situation by installing wind-turbines on the Zanzibar islands of Pemba and Unguja (and: Wind turbines are elegant).
Ben Huser
Zanzibar Wind Farms
Ben, Wind Turbines pollute because have an audible humming noise near to on the lower audible threshold and is unpleasant for many people. If these islands are unpopulated then Wind Turbines might be a good way to go.

But personally, I would go for the original "Windmill" form which means a lot of smaller windmills, but these would not require high technology either to build or to maintain.
Frank John Snelling
Zanzibar Wind Farms
What I have noticed from a quick net search is that the wind speeds in and around Zanzibar are not very favorable for a large scale Wind Farm. Can you correct me if I am wrong?

Also I notice that the areas where you propose the Wind Farms are quite populated and of historic importance. Any elaborate plans of integrating the farm with the area? What is the scope of Off shore wind farms around Zanzibar?
Sriraj Gokarakonda


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