youth center
am a final year student fromlebanon...i chosed my thesis to be about a youth center in beirut..a place for youth to meet ..and as u know lebanon is passin in a lot of relgious and politcal problems.....thats the reason i took it..but my site is on central point...hope u wld help me in settling my thoughts about functions in the project the program...
Majed Hakeem
youth center
look at hcp website;;

ahmedabad management association which functions as youth center in our city. it won award for best designed bldg in 2001.
Meehaj Thakkar
youth center
Asslamualikum Majed,
I am final year student too from India. And i'm currently undergoing my thesis on 'A Community centre for the youth', and i feel we are both thinking on similar lines. The functions ofmy project mainly revolves around the fact that the youth currently spendalot oftheir freetime in futile entertainment, so this centre provides a platform for them to develop, interact and to create an awarness among them.
Mubeena Abdul Majeed


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