Sustainable Design
ground differece between "green" "sustainable" and "ECO-friendly" Architecture..??
hey frndz
am final year student at MUET, doing thesis on "HOLISTIC APPROACH TO DESIGN"
for this i want to knw the clear difference b/w these terms as they all are using,sustainable,eco friendly architecture
please help me out in this ....and 1 liner differences would be more easy to me :)
Samia Sarfaraz
ground differece between
please frnds help me asap....
Samia Sarfaraz
ground differece between
well sam,
according to me,

its architecture oriented towards the basic things that can be followed over an yrs.with respect to an area and its climate.
ex: there r certain fundamentals which we have to think before u think about fashion or what happening in new world. its for the survival of building in an area.

ECO FRIENDLY: it deals with how u can use the potential of environment or things available in market, such that the out put to the environment is less carbon,VOC,. its basically for not hampering the environment. ( note: the design might not have features which respond to climate or that area)but design is made using stuff which has not hampered environment ( while construction, material construction)

its basically a kind of life style/mindset of using materials/space such that it can be REDUCE, REUSE, includes all the things while we design eco friendly home or sustainable home. But GREEN doesn't restrict just upto the building but a particular human mindset involvement also for the betterment of future environment and preserving the current earth.

I hope i made something clear for u and haven't increased ur confusion more.
Meenakshi Singh
ground differece between
hey meenakshi,
thnx for so quick responce getting it :)
can u suggest me some links that can help me more...
n my other fellows share ur ideas abt this too ..:)
Samia Sarfaraz


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