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BLIND RAT RACE - carbon credits vs TRADitional wisdom of sustainability
yes friends ..
From the college till in professional field now.. i haven't understood why are we using the costliest technologies under the name of CARBON CREDITS... and assigning them GREEN SOLUTIONS.. what abt solutions from our PAST ARCHITECTURE..
i don know y we study HISTORY OF ARCHITECTURE in our schools..

can anyone guide me on this .. a blind rat race
Neha Rastogi
BLIND RAT RACE - carbon credits vs TRADitional wisdom of sustainability
Neha, You have put your finger on one of the most important problems today.

The use of high tech solutions only works so long as the technology works and the technology only works so long as there is proper maintenance programme with fully trained and experienced maintenance personnel.

In other words, hightech solutions only work in the countries where they are invented because the economic and technological infrastructure is available.

Therefore the way forward to sustainability is not through reaching for fancy technological solutions, but by examining traditional architecture and learning why it is sustainable.

In fact, most sustainable design features from traditional architecture are commonsense ideas which have lost meaning through people repeating traditional design, but without asking why it works. :)))
Frank John Snelling


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