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Evolution of Architectural workspace
Hey Friends,
i am studying the architectural under this study i have thought to explore the transformation of architect`s workspace.
i.e. what was the type of built environment the architects had in the past , the type of built environment they have today the they will have tomorrow .
kindly guide me how to go through this process.
Devang Chauhann
Evolution of Architectural workspace
Now a day space architecture is very useful for all country. So, keep it up in this field.
Kalis Peter
Evolution of Architectural workspace
Devang, In the Middle Ages or Medieval age in Europe, "architects" were Master Craftmen who designed, drew and worked on site, usually using a temporary yard and shed as their workspace.
Frank John Snelling
Evolution of Architectural workspace
hi i agree with Frank...even if look at Frank llyods workspace at the Taliesin it was designed and build by Frank and his co-fellows..i think the concept of architectural workspace is same today as it was earlier but its just that the built environment is changing in terms of sturutres...
Javed Shaikh


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