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Wind Turbines

I would like to ask assistance regarding with the subject "wind turbines on skyscrapers". How does it work? What factors are to be considered? How efficient this building technology is?thanks in advance..please note some references(books, websites, and others)
Jb Centeno
Wind Turbines
Dear Jb Centeno
We are from National Engineering Lab Pakistan and working on Wind Turbines and the interesting thing is the height of the building as you mentioned "Skyscrapers" it works on the basic Air currents at elevated heights where about 5 to 8 knot is easily available particularly near costal areas where turbulent air waves blow at drastic speed
Syed Najmul Haq
Wind Turbines
Syed Najmul Haq,

tnx for d reply...i really need detailed informations regarding this wind turbines as energy source for skyscrapers...can you give me referrences?by the way i am from the Philippines and unfortunately there isn't a building here in our country that uses the technology of wind turbines so i find it difficult to gather info..please can you suggest further discussions?thnks...
Jb Centeno


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