Historic Preservation
Historical architecture
How to keep the historical buildings in a city
with limited space like Hong Kong? Is the
development of commercial activites after
renovation in these old buildings the best and only way to do so?
Doris Leung
Historical architecture
If you have a diamond you always look for the best backgraound to show it's value.

In this case (historical buildings in hong kong) you have to respect the original context those buildings where created in , for a procedure of sightseeing does not only consist of the building itself but also to the background it is preserved in .

integration with the commercial city life is critical and needs a lot of planning so that the sense of the historical influense does not loose it's psychological touch on the viewer.
isolation from the city doesn't seem to be a feasible solution too. the use of leveling ( underground commerce) could be one of the ideas of creating the supportive demands of such a touristic action, meanwhile the restoration of the buildings are a must for preserving the cities history anyway
Moustafa Khater


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