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dear reader...i am a student of N.E.D. university karachi..
for my final year thesis im doing my reseacrh on art and architecture community..wat i intend to do is to design an institute or a platform..which will be gathering all students of achitecture schools of the city and providing them a common space for interaction with each other and sharing there ideas and this group the dominant group shall be the architecture students..where as student from performing arts and visual arts shall be coming as well...
the spaces that shall be included in this facility or institute shall be studios ( design, photography, musicc, painting etc.)
workshops ( wood, metal, mud n clay, etc. )
lecture or debate halls,
exhibition galleries for art and architecture, archives, library, an amphitheater for performing art students..cafetera...n many common interaction spaces..etc..

please do advise wid ur ideas what u think could more possibilities in this institute..

expecting your replies..
haris ahmed
Haris Ahmed
art and architecture community
Hi there Haris.

I was going through the discussion board and came upon your discussion on your project. It�s weird because I�m in the final stage of my thesis design and I did exactly what you are proposing to do. The only huge difference is that my project catered more to the design and architecture community than just students. I have to say that you�re on the right track, but what you should first is start a survey/questionnaire and send it to as many students and ask them what they want in terms of space/needs/wants.

If you have any other questions, just let me know. I�m almost done mine, but I�m sure that could be of some assistance and maybe we could exchange some ideas.
Christina Hebert
art and architecture community
Dear Haris/Christina -

Im a fifth year student from India, I am going to be starting my thesis shortly, before which I need to submit a synopsis! I was thinking of a topic on the same lines - I want to design a space that would serve as a platform for the deisgn and architecture community to interact more, organise workshops, exhibitions - as well as promote artisian crafts etc. the project would aim at raising public awareness on the need for design and architecture, I was thinking of making the project in a way that it would also serve as a open public space - with some informal cafe's etc and not as an isolated academy...

Pls comment! Also if you guys could share your synopsis/programme brief with me, it would be great! My email id is
Nitisha Popat
art and architecture community
hellooo Christina and nitisha...glad to see ur replies...
@ christina....actually im stuck wid the justification to my topic...meaning what would be the roll of such an institute,,,i have to define that is it an institute, a school or a forum,,,,,in my opinion its not a im co-relating institute and forum...( if i define it as an riba aia or any other..dn i hav to challenge I.A.P (institutes of architects pakistan)
so my question is dat who did u justify your topic and what were ur case studies which one these did u design...and did u do any litrature....
and one more cannot only be for the students...coz there will be alote of interaction b/w the students and the professional..but the main emphasis is on the students...
Haris Ahmed
art and architecture community
Consider a rehab of an existing building into a center for architecture and art. Here is an example of a successful U.S. project of the sort:

While there's an abundance of transformable space in my region, the economic development communities outside the large cities may produce incentive programs -- low-rent space and affordable housing -- to encourage artists to move into neighborhoods and produce small craft businesses in them.

With either development model, there is an emphasis on raising the value of existing properties through institutional redevelopment or individual rehabilitation.
James Oppenheim


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