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Insulation in Roofs and Walls
What is commonly used for insulation in northern Middle Eastern countries for roofs and walls? It snows in winter and summers are hot.

If stone were to be used for exterior walls, how can insulation be incorporated in that climate? Interior finish will be plaster - most likely.

What can be a good roofing material with good quality of waterproofing for large roof spans of about 30m in that region?

Any suggestion for books or reference material will be appreciated.
Khalil Pirani
Insulation in Roofs and Walls
if u wnat to bring insulation into building,design double will be benefetial for this harsh climate.this roof will consist of main roof and and fal ceiling to use it for insulation purpoe.
Javad Khan
Insulation in Roofs and Walls
Khalil, to carry on with Javad`s thoughts, In a sense most roofs, other than the most basic, have two layers. Traditional architecture uses an outer waterproof layer and and an inner (false) ceiling usually all of wood or wood / lathe and plaster.

Then there is the difference between "cold" and "warm" roofs. A cold roof is one open to the outside and allows air through the roof space. Whereas a warm roof is totally enclosed. Ideally, you want a cold roof in summer and a warm roof in winter, so removable flaps at the eaves would be good. :)))
Frank John Snelling


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