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Mud Brick thermal performance
I want to know if the relation between the wall thickness and the room temperature can be measured, for example instead of building walls ( 40 cm thick) will building them in 80 cm thickness give us a considerable change in room temperature? or it will be a waste of materials and just doubling the cost, without any advantage.
Thank you
Mamdouh Sakr
Mud Brick thermal performance

Have you tried using a cavity wall? In other words, an outer wall and an inner wall with an air gap in between?
Frank John Snelling
Mud Brick thermal performance
Thank you so much, in fact I did not try yet, as I'm concerned about the relation between the cost of the building and the benefits of the wall thickness, so in this case the cavity wall will still be twice the cost
Mamdouh Sakr
Mud Brick thermal performance
Hi Mamdouh Sakr

Yeah the relation can be measured, provided you know the conductivity of the materials you use. If you are aware of the U-values and R-values of building materials (may be you can find the values of some common building materials online) you can simulate the performance using simple calculators available online.

Other than just the thickness of the wall, the exterior finish, insulation, interior finish- both in terms of colour and material do effect the thermal performance.

So If you mention the climate (which part of the world) you are going to build, it would be easy to simulate and find an appropriate external wall section for your building.
Sriraj Gokarakonda


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