Historic Preservation
Save and develope the Tomb of Tal Firoz Khan, Agra, India
This tomb is very beautifuly monument of Mugahl period. facing a very big TAL (pond). but presently this TAL (pond)is in a very very dirty form. because this tomb is surrounded by local residents.
And the garbage and all the house hold dirt is been thrown in to this pond, As of now it is full and going to be dangerous for local residents for a health point of view.
I am very thankful of Archnet who has given the platform to raise the voice to save the mugahl & islamic monument .
This can attract a lot tourist if the concerned authorities focus on this kind of monuments. It will help the society in terms of reducing the employment problem at some extent, better infrastructre, building the city image and most important to spreadout the awareness to protect our historical mounuments.
Akhilesh Dubey
Save and develope the Tomb of Tal Firoz Khan, Agra, India
very nice intech local chapter and iniciate protection and revitalization action.....regards.
Dushyant Nathwani


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