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thesis:potential of bridges as extension to recreational activities
hi, i had wriiten my dissertation on this topic . i shall like to know your views regarding same and the possibility of converting this into a thesis topic. the abstract is as follows
"This paper is aimed towards identifying the potential of bridges as extension to short term recreational public open spaces or as linking corridors for open space network.
Pune, the metropolitan region, with its dense core in the old city, has spread along a radial network of road and rail links through which the urban form has grown. However, the need of public open recreational spaces has aroused over the years due to several reasons - Increase in population, rapid development, change in lifestyle, increase in traffic, encroachment into public spaces,
lack of awareness and planning strategies to use potential sites have all contributed to this. Pressure on land due to increasing population and density a contest for space is ineviIt has become absolutely essential for us to create �positive urban space� rather than what is leftover after the construction of building.
The following recommendation (graphical /written) may differ in applications from bridge to bridge
� Separate Pedestrian bridges with lateral extensions can be constructed for extensive recreation
� Lateral + vertical extensions to vehicular & pedestrian bridges access to the spaces should be kept only at either ends of the bridge to avoid parking on roads, as well as proper segregation of pedestrian and vehicular movement
� Parking for users at nodes above, below ,or at mid level
from the bridge.
� A self operating ticket system can avoid overloading of the
space. Also maintenance charges can be occurred
� Semi Shaded areas with retractable roofs can be designed for all day use of space. This shall also maintain the
impermanency of the space
� Spaces under the bridge can also be used to create semi private open spaces for couples
� Jogging loops can be created for senior citizens
Haripriya Dalal
thesis:potential of bridges as extension to recreational activities
abaute hotel
Gawad Mohammed
thesis:potential of bridges as extension to recreational activities
hi gawad,
thanx for ur reply but i am not clear about what u mean. i tried to search for the hotel,but couldnt link it with this topic.. can u explain ..
Haripriya Dalal


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