Historic Preservation
The legacy of Hassan Fathy
In 1973 this member was given the extraordinary privilege of meeting Hassan Fathy at his home in the Citadel in Old Cairo. Present was [Dr] Omar El Hakim and Hassan Bey -- already an old man -- asked Omar to give my wife and I a tour of what he termed "the esoteric" architecture of Old Cairo. Omar did this unstintingly for two months.
This may have had little more than a personal effect, except that six years later one was invited to start India's first design and architectural magazine, and, necessarily, because of Hassan Bey's commitment to what is highest in Man, his ideas infused its pages. The magazine continues successfully, perhaps because of its sound roots, but sadly one has lost all contact with Omar. Would any member be able to provide news of him? It would be most gratefully received. Thank you, Sean Mahoney.
Sean Mahoney
The legacy of Hassan Fathy
Sean, Have you tried contacting the the official body which represents Egyptian Architects?
Frank John Snelling


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