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What is 'Good' Architecture
This question relates to Mr.Hussain's, Who decides what is good architecture? It is easy to make a building look good in a building and easier to throw in a concept. So looking at the present scenario how many of them are 'TRUE' to their surroundings ( economic/environmental, etc.) To be labelled as good architecture in the third world
Moinak Basu
What is 'Good' Architecture
It would good if we can define "GOOD". Good is a very relative term. If one looks at some theory and criticism books, a building is regarded as good architecture by an author and the same building is regarded as bad architecture by another author.

We might want to investigate the terms goodness, badness, rightness, and wrongness. Architecture needs to address goodness and rightness.

One source that is useful in this concern is "Architecture and Its Interpretation (1979) by Juan Pablo Bonta.
Ashraf Salama


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