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Non-Concrete foundations
I'm currently designing a quickly deployable classroom (basically a portable school) and am trying to find a foundation solution which wouldn't require concrete. Mainly because of the time it takes to cure. Any ideas?
Kashif Ghani
Non-Concrete foundations
Kashif, this depends upon the construction of the portable building.

If the portable building has a rigid frame floor you can mount the frame on (point-load) foundation pads made up of rock slabs or bricks.

If the floor is not rigid (and self-supporting) then lay a brick floor on a light foundation of flat rocks.

Note: a "brick floor" can easily be made of wooden or clay bricks.

If there are no flat rocks or bricks then ram the earth flat for the floor.

The problem with temporary structures (which tend to become permanent) is that you need to take the seasons into account, because when putting something up in the dry season, you should consider what the wet season will do to the foundation and structure.

In other words, tents are okay in the dry season, but in the wet season, they need either to be slightly above the water flows on the ground, or have drainage channels to divert the water flows.
Frank John Snelling
Non-Concrete foundations
Kashif, try searching for "Diamond Pier" foundation system. I found this on the book "Transmaterial"


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