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natural light
my seminar topic is space percieved in natural light....
can any1 help me rguarding the topic.... as it is based on research
Nidhi Jain
natural light
Space perceived in natural light
Space + Perception + Light (sunlight/daylight)
Space is a physical built environment (volume, surface, texture...).

Perception is a process made of visual mechanism and a cerebral interpretation of the visual data (which comprehends culture, socio-economical, psychological and trend aspects).

Light is the propagation of visible radiation... Light is objectivised whenever it meets material (physical surface/material).

Perception is only possible because:
  • There is an observer (with more or less visual acuity);
  • There is light. Without light visual perception is impossible;
  • The same way, the space is visually objectivised because it is lit.

    Daylight/Sunlight is an evolving quality and quantity of light, according to the location of the site, its surrounding, the time, the season...

    Whenever the material and light are meeting, they generate �Shadows� unless the light is diffused (like a cloudy sky) or filtered by a materiel (glass product, water...).

    The subject is vast, on which direction do you want to lead the topic?
  • Louisette Rasoloniaina


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