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Thesis: Energy Efficient Technological Hub
I'm here again, I changed my thesis proposal because it didn't work out well.

My newest proposal is about Energy Efficient Technological Hub. I'm planning to research on newest materials for saving energy. Plus some Case Studies about this kind of proposal.

Help anyone? Thank you. =)
Meeek Cantos
Thesis: Energy Efficient Technological Hub
Everybody ignores me. :(
Meeek Cantos
Thesis: Energy Efficient Technological Hub

You need to be much more specific about you intended topic in order that you might receive some meaningful advise. You could be talking about a computer or a building or a campus etc. what is it? It could also refer to physical performance or process efficiency. Equally energy efficiency could refer to a machine operator having to press only one button instead`of two!! That's energy efficient in a technological hub!
You must elaborate.
Craig Anderson
Thesis: Energy Efficient Technological Hub

If you are considering 'hub' as a region, city, or urban district, you might want to look into Masdar City. Masdar City is a large-scale site in Abu Dhabi, currently under construction, where energy efficiency and environmental sustainability feature prominently. The area is intended to serve as a research, educational, and technological hub emphasizing energy issues. With a construction budget in the tens of billions of dollars, there will be a great variety of energy efficient materials, methods and practices involved that might be of interest to you. You might find it useful to learn more about this project.

Good luck!

ArchNet Administrator
Thesis: Energy Efficient Technological Hub
Thanks to you Mr. Craig and Mr. Jared!

We thought of having a complex of I.T building that can use energy efficient materials to cut the cost of energy. Such as solar panels, photovoltaic cells and wind turbines. But it's not enough for a research topic.. We need a new one..
Meeek Cantos
Thesis: Energy Efficient Technological Hub
Google recently converted their headquarters into environment friendly area, you can watch the video on teachers. tv that my science teacher forwarded to me. maybe it will give you some idea :

Good Luck!
Sonia Urmee


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