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learning enviroment
am writing a project on learning enviroment, how does architecture influence the learning enviroment, ps i need responses, weblinks and anything usefull
Dessy Fal
learning enviroment
Dessy, Depends upon what you call a learning environment. Any environment can be a learning environment, but I assume you mean one specifically focused upon and dedicated to the discipline of learning.

The influence of architecture is in the organisation, arrangement and use of spaces which are geared to the learning needs of a specific culture.

Of course there is both spatial and temporal overlap of cultures, because useful practices from other cultures are adopted and adapted as necessary.

Unfortunately, this can mean that practices (and ideas) which appear useful are adopted wholesale without any thought as to the potential for unbalancing the stability of the culture to the point where the culture loses integrity and ceases to exist.
Frank John Snelling


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