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Chahar Bagh
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Chahar Bagh
I want many information about chahar bagh.My research is about chahar bagh shiraz..
Maryam Afsharikia
Chahar Bagh a persian word literally means the "the four gardens"..mostly scholars defined it as the garden which is divided into 4 plots by paths or water-channels punctuated by fountains and waterfalls, moreover be lined with trees delineate the paths.

chahr-baghs or other persian baghs "gardens" contain pavillions lie in the centre or probably in the axis, their section possibly octagon, or any else.

but, there is research u can find in the archnet library authored by Mahvash Alemi writes another opinion..browse it.

see also "Garden" and "bagh" in
Waleed Akef
Chahar Bagh resaerch is about khiyaban-chahar bagh like in Isfahan.I want information about Khiyaban-chahar bagh.I SPEAK WITH Mahvash.Alemi.
Maryam Afsharikia


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