Conflict and Natural Disasters
should buildings be "terror-proof"?
Not so long ago the RIBA launched the student competition �Public Spaces, Safer Places� which in turn initiated a sparked debate that lead architect Piers Gough into saying �Don�t listen to them!� calling for a boycott, through the fear of adding to the media hype and paranoia thus perhaps leading to generate a series of �bunker� like structures that hinder free movement.

Is he right to say so, are we just paranoid or is terrorism a real design issue?� and if so, will it generate �bunker like structures� that perhaps could symbolize a collective paranoid state, or do we view this as a way to challenge terrorism.
Can we make buildings �terror-proof�? Will feasibility decide for us weather or not a building can be �terror-proof�? In my studies I am researching this for my dissertation and would appreciate the design community input into this subject matter, thank you.
Christopher Lee
should buildings be
Dear Lee,
The topic sounds superficially interesting, but to me terrorism issue seen as a highly exaggerated move. Understanding today's "advertised" terrorism is really complicated. There are lots of hidden forces behind, I infer. Your study might need to identify the prime courses before coming into conclusion to embark on to a deep reseach, by observing characteristics of such incidents as in Taj Mahal Hotel - India, World Trade Center (obvious), and the on going pounding in Gaza by Israeli forces. How could you classify the later case of Israel; terrorism, war fair, ... or?. An aunthetic history of the phenomenon is equally important to understand. Anyway, as an emerging theory of design, its such a good topic for students to work on. It may demonstrate their design capability and provoke inspirations. The same applies to researchers like you. Hope my ideas are useful.
Khalfan Khalfan


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