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Salam and Hai to all...I'm Faiza...Currently,I'm further my study in MA Interior Design at University of Central Lancashire,UK(1st semester)...I've interested to study about Learning Environment which is I noticed,there's a lot of discussion about that topic here...I already read and went through a few topics in the discussion forum,such as Educational Design,Architectural Education,and I was stumbled upon with the article by Dr.Ashraf Salama:Learning Environments:Shaping and Coloring A Bright Future...Its makes me think further detail about my subject area(Learning Environment)...I was keep thinking about "Schools within a School" and also "The School as a Community Hub" both of the issues are included in the Dr.Ashraf Salama article...I really appreciate it,if anyone in this forum can give me some suggestions,opinion about those issues...How far the issues can be develop...As a design student,beside to do my research or dissertation,I've also to propose a project that relate with my subject area of research...

**Thank You very much to Dr.Ashraf Salama for your useful article**

Thanks a lot in advanced to all...

University of Central Lancashire,UK.
Noor Faiza Rasol
Learning Environment

hey..this is the last yr of architecture...thesis topis is islamic residential school....cud u help me out wid the study based on residential schools??..
Rizwan Baig


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